Financial Lessons From Training For a Marathon- Part 3

Financial Lessons From Training for a Marathon- Part 3 is part of  a 4 week series that will run every Wednesday until September 22, 2010. The entire series can be found under Money Tips.

Lesson 5: Always Remember to Visualize

The day before the race after I picked up my race kit, I took the course map and studied it. I noted every turn, every hill, every angle. I visualized myself running farther than I ever had before. My training had peaked at 20 mile runs so completing the full 26 was an unknown to me. Frightening to say the least. The next day, when I was actually running the race, I was amazed at how focused I was. It didn’t matter that my legs we killing me or that the humidity was high, I was focused on finishing. Nothing was going to deter me from crossing the line. I visualized my goal and used that vision to get me through the tough spots along the way.

This is the same with anything other endeavor, including financial that we embark on. Whether it be paying off our mortgage or eliminating our credit card debt, we need to visualize where we are going. We need to visualize ourselves reaching the goal in our own minds and commit to it. This is the only way it will actually become reality.

Lesson 6: Find your Cheer Team

When I think back on the whole experience, I am reminded of my cheer team and how important of a role they played in my success. They fed me words of constant encouragement and this helped me stay upbeat and committed. I really was able to draw energy from them. Knowing that I wasn’t alone and that I had supporters was fundamental in completing the race that I set out to do.

Take a look at those in your own life and see if you can develop a cheer team. Find those who will be supportive of your goals and will encourage you to give up. Find those who can give you strength when you feel like giving up. Find those who have the same goal as you and work together on both reaching the finish line. The people in our lives are instrumental in helping us reach success.

Stay tuned for next week when the final two lessons will be shared.

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