5 Ways to Energize Your Body While At Your Desk

If you are like me and have an office job where you can easily sit on your duff for 8-10 hours a day, then this post is for you.  So many of us are under the pressure to work harder and harder that we often fall out of balance. Our bodies are meant to move and spending 40+ hours a week sedentary only does it detriment. Does your neck hurt? Are your muscles stiff? Are you feeling fatigued? I can answer yes to these questions and I am sure you can to.

Well, instead of becoming less productive as a result of my pain and fatigue, I have decided to take control and rebalance; essentially energize my body so that I can continue to produce the same quality results I have up until now. I invite you to join me in these daily routines:

  • Stretch. Stand up, raise your hands above your head and reach for the ceiling. Hold this for a minimum of 5 seconds and then repeat three times. I do this about once every couple hours and wow does it feel good.
  • Shoulder rolls. My shoulders are often quite stiff from sitting and typing all day and I have found these really helpful for loosening things up. Roll your shoulders in one direction 5 times and then switch directions for another 5 times.
  • Neck care. Stand up straight and gently touch your right ear towards your right shoulder with your head and hold for 5 seconds. Then do your left side and repeat this three times. I do these numerous times  a week and I do find they help with my neck tension.
  • Roll your back. We often forget about our backs and yet they are one of the most important parts of our body. They need to be kept limber and stiffness free. While sitting on a chair, slowly bend your upper body towards your knees and hold for 5 seconds once you reach your knees. Then slowly roll back up. This will help release and back tension you have and it almost instantly provides a surge of energy. This is most effective when done 3 times.
  • Breathe deeply. Every hour or so take a few deep breaths in and out. They will instantly energize you and clear your head.

By following this routine, you will get your blood flowing and you clear your mind. This will in turn help you get more done. It’s your choice, but I recommend giving it a  try.


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