Packing 101 for Your Vacation

I know it is the middle of August, but I am hopeful that many of you are still on holidays or heading on one soon to get that much needed rest. The crunch time is on and all of us are trying to squeeze in as much summer fun as possible. The last thing we want is to have to worry about getting ready and organized to go.  Here are 6 tips that will help you head out on your adventure calm and collected and ready for some fun.

  • Multi-task. Keep your number of items to a minimum.  Pack clothes that can be multi purpose and layered. Also be cognizant to pack clothes that can be hand washed and drip dried.
  • Coordinate. Pick items that are colours that can be mixed and matched. This will give you the best variety with the least amount of stuff.
  • Downsize. Make travel size versions of you toiletries and pack them in 100 ml containers in ziploc bags. This will ensure that you meet with airport standards and aren’t caught at security.
  • Roll. Fold your clothes in a rectangle and then roll them. I have been doing this for years and it is the best way to maximize space in your luggage. It also helps with things getting creased.
  • Strategic placement. Place shoes and socks in plastic bags near the wheels of your bag. That makes sure your heavy items are on the bottom and not crushing lighter things that are packed on top.
  • Plan. If you plan on doing some shopping on your trip, pack a compact duffle bag for overflow. My husband and I backpack a lot and we have found this a great saving grace for bringing home gifts.

Following this list might take a little bit more thought and organization then you are used to but I promise, it will make your life easier.

Have a great time away and enjoy the escape.

Any of your own packing tips to share?

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