Manifest More Money Into Your Life in 7 Steps- Step 1

“Manifest More Money Into Your Life in 7 Steps” will be a 7 week series that will run every Tuesday until September 28, 2010.

When we think about making extra money, the most obvious option is to work more at our current job or get a second one. But this may not be the answer. When we work more we make more and this leads many of us into a trap. We end up spending more because we make more. This puts us in the cycle of spending and owing and never really getting ahead which was our main purpose to begin with. If you really want to make a financial difference in your life, follow these steps, this week starting with step 1.

Step 1: Meditate on Money

Put your focus on money. You have to develop a healthy relationship with it. You need to love it but the right way; don’t mistake the love of money for greed or arrogance. A quality relationship with money is the same as we have with things like our pets, our family, our friends; anything in our lives that makes us enjoy living life. It really comes down to the law of attraction and balance and being open to receiving.

For those of you not familiar with the law of attraction, the basic premise is that like attracts like. In essence we are magnets, gravitating to the things we think, fell and see on a consistent basis.

What does this have to do with step 1 and the other 6? Make it a must to meditate on money every day. Get into the feeling of having more than enough money. Actually envision money in your hands and in the hands of your friends and family. Think of them and yourself having plenty of money to live a fulfilled life. The more often you do this, that’s why I suggest daily, you will find it easier to actually think this on a conscious level. Eventually it will influence how you use money on a subconscious level.

So until next week, make a point of mediating on your money once a day. Then we can proceed to step 2.

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