How To Create Extra Holiday Money

I hate to start talking about this because we are in the middle of summer, but planning for the holidays must start now. We all need to make sure that we are financially prepared.  For many of us, the holidays are often more stressful than relaxing but did you know that there are ways where you can spread holiday cheer as well as make some extra money? Check them out:

  • Babysitting. Offer to babysit for friends and family so they can get there shopping done.
  • Yard work. Many people are often scrambling to get stuff done around the yard before the holidays and the mass amounts of snow come. Offer to do some of the tasks like raking or cleaning out the gutters.
  • Have a bake sale. Many people have dozens of family members coming in for the holidays and that means they need to feed all of them. Whip up some of you favourite recipes and sell them to your friends. This will save them from from finding time to make everything themselves. Plus, what they serve will still be homemade and taste delicious.
  • Use ebay and Craig’s list. Go through your clutter and see if there is anything you can sell. This will add some space to your closet as well as change in your pocket.
  • Shovel snow. Let your neighbours know that you will shovel their walks for a small fee.
  • Work a seasonal job at a department store. Many companies hire extra help for the holidays.
  • Clean houses. Offer house cleaning services to neighbours and friends. Many people are expecting holiday company and want their houses to look in tip top shape.
  • Run errands. Offer to run errands for people. Help them pick up shipments, or drop stuff off at the post office.  Once again, all for a small fee.
  • Decorate. Get your creative skills out and help decorate. It can be simple stuff to like setting up trees and placing poinsettias. You don’t need to be a pro to do this one.
  • Be the bus. Offer to transport people’s kids to and from school or to different events. This will free up time for parents to get holiday stuff done.

As you can see, many of these could even be turned into year round side hustles that could help pay some bills. You just have to commit to try them out. I hope you have found these helpful and please post your experiences if you try any of them out.

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