Getting Motivated to Save

Motivation doesn’t happen on it’s own you know. Just like anything else that we take on, you have to plan to get and keep yourself motivated to save. Here are some ways to get yourself started:

  • Write it down. Keeping a savings log is an excellent way to track your progress and stay motivated. It’s easy too. Just grab a notebook and pen or use your favourite computer software program and record every bit of money you save. Be sure to record the date and a few comments about the saving. When you look back and review you’re entries, you will be reminded of how far you have come and that will keep you strong to carry on forward.
  • Pick a mantra. Picking a short phrase that you can play in your head over and over again will help you stay focused on your goal. It can truly be your inner strength when you need it the most. Finding a mantra isn’t hard either. Just be sure to pick one that matches your style, such as “never give up” or “easy does it.”
  • Reward yourself. Every once in a while, treat yourself to something as a reward for your efforts. It will make you feel energized and reinforce your commitment to saving for the future.
  • Don’t think “all or nothing“. Above anything, don’t take the all or nothing approach. Do what is reasonable and realistic. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. This will only lead to failure and burnout. Remember, every bit counts and will add up.
  • Remember the benefits. Make sure to remind yourself of the benefits of being debt free and having a good nest egg.
  • Have a buddy. Having a partner can help us stick with a plan. Find someone that can encourage you and work at this with you. It will help you stick with your goal.
  • Cut yourself some slack. Sometimes you will fall or slip or get stuck. It’s OK. Don’t beat yourself up. Just pick yourself up and try again. Accept that you had a bad day and then get back on track.  Remember, no one is perfect.
  • Make your goals prominent. Pick your goal and shout it to the world. Tell everyone you know about it. This will help you keep focused and deliver what you promised.
  • Have fun. Don’t make saving another stress in your life. Get creative with it and have fun. Find new ways to pinch pennies.

By trying even a few above,  you will be able to stay on the road to financial freedom and enjoy the benefits of living debt free.  Good luck to all of you. I know you can do it!!

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