Coffee Filters- Man’s New Best Friend

A friend of mine emailed me this last week and I was truly amazed.  I just had to share it.

Coffee filters which can be found at your local dollar store will now be your best friend. Here is why:

  • Use them to cover dishes when cooking in the microwave.
  • Use them to clean windows, mirrors, and chrome. They leave no lint.
  • Use them to protect china by separating your dishes with one filter between each.
  • Use them to filter a broken cork from wine.
  • Use them to protect a cast iron skillet. The filter will absorb moisture and prevent rust.
  • Use them to apply shoe polish.
  • Use them to recycle frying oil.
  • Use them to weigh chopped foods on a food scale.
  • Use them to hold tacos or other messy foods.
  • Use them to stop soil from leaking out of a plant pot.
  • Use them to prevent a popsicle from dripping.
  • Use them to wax your eyebrows.
  • Use them to suck up grease from fried foods like bacon.
  • Use them for razor nicks.
  • Use them as a sewing backing.
  • Use them to prevent odours. Put baking soda in a coffee filter and insert it into drawers.
  • Use them to strain soup stock or tie fresh herbs in to put in soups.
  • Use them to prevent spilling when adding fluids to your car.
  • Use them as a spoon rest or to clean up small spills.
  • Use them to hold dry ingredients when baking.
  • Use them to wrap fragile gifts.
  • Use them to remove nail polish instead of cotton balls.
  • Use them to sprout seeds. Dampen the filter and place the seeds inside, then fold and place in a plastic bag until they sprout.
  • Use them as blotting papers when pressing flowers.
  • Use them as a snack bowl for popcorn or chips.

Really, I am sure you could think of  a few more uses if you tried. Amazing discovery though hey. So are you going to put coffee filters in your basket next time you head to the store?!

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