Planning your holidays. How to travel Green, cheap and have the best fun ever!

Eco-Travel in Egypt’s Red Sea and Sahara Desert Regions As one of the world’s most popular vacation destinations Egypt does have its fair share of high rise hotels and luxury resorts but it’s also a country that has embraced eco-tourism. Going green in locations such as the South Sinai and the far corners of the Sahara Desert, … … Continue reading

Fun with your clothes on: 5 ways to get more out of your vacation


I absolutely love traveling. I love backpacking, camping, hiking, trips to the beach, driving cross country and almost anything that involves me packing up my stuff and heading off into the sunset. Vacations are supposed to be fun activities, where you can relax, unwind and recharge. But sometimes, vacations fail to produce the fun were … … Continue reading

5 Ways to Make Travel with Your Family More Affordable

My travel a330

My husband and I love to travel, but in the early years of our marriage, we couldn’t travel as much as we would have liked to because we thought it was too expensive to travel.  There was the gas, the hotel, and the restaurants to pay for. We thought eating in restaurants was a main attraction … … Continue reading