What Features Are Most Important When Buying (and Selling) a House?

Family moving into new home

My husband and I recently (like just last week!) bought our first home.  During the home search process and through countless discussions with our realtor, we learned what features are most important when buying a house. Because we will likely sell the house again in less than ten years, our buying strategy was a bit different … … Continue reading

Why I Have Started to Like the Idea of Allowances in Family Finances


As part of our qualifying to marry at our dream venue, my fiancé and I were required to attend pre-marital counselling through the church that the venue is part of. We did so willingly, as our friends had been through it and spoke highly of the experience. One the inevitable things that we spoke about during our … … Continue reading

Which Insurance Policies Should You Absolutely Have?

Insurance folders

Even though many of us grumble about paying insurance premiums, the reality is that insurance is necessary for many of us. Insurance is designed to help us cover the costs associated with replacing expensive assets. Whether or not you need insurance depends on your particular situation. What Do You Own? Your first step is to consider what … … Continue reading

Financial Lessons from The Hunger Games

Woman with Red Hair Takes Aim with Arrow

The film ‘Hunger Games” has a horrifying storyline set in a decadent US post-apoplectic capital – wealthy, degenerate and thirsting for entertainment. After the 12 districts tried to secede, a war started. Once it was resolved in favor of a centralized government, that central government ordained that each year there would be a ‘Hunger Game’ … … Continue reading