How We’re Saving Money On Water Even Though We Live in the Desert

Collected rainwater

My family and I just recently moved to Tucson, Arizona.  I must admit that I find it fascinating that so many people can live in a place where rainfall is decidedly NOT plentiful.  In fact, Tucson averages just 11.3 inches of rain a year.  (Compare that to our old home town, Chicago, which averages 36.9 … … Continue reading

Foods You Need to Buy Organic, and Foods You Don’t


My grandmother, who turned 102 earlier this year, remembers when “organic” wasn’t even a word used when talking about food. Before it became a “fad”, a “necessity”, or a “ripoff” (depending on who you ask), everything was organic. All food was natural in that it wasn’t coated with hundreds of toxic pesticides, fungicides, and any … … Continue reading