Perks and Pleasures of Homemade Baby Food

#152891501 / The advantages of homemade baby food are numerous, nearly endless. Making homemade baby food is beyond easy, it really doesn’t take much time and baby will choose it over that jar of flavorless mush any day, and that doesn’t even begin to hit on the nutritional benefits of home preparation. Some major benefits … … Continue reading

How We’re Saving Money On Water Even Though We Live in the Desert

Collected rainwater

My family and I just recently moved to Tucson, Arizona.  I must admit that I find it fascinating that so many people can live in a place where rainfall is decidedly NOT plentiful.  In fact, Tucson averages just 11.3 inches of rain a year.  (Compare that to our old home town, Chicago, which averages 36.9 … … Continue reading