Jobs for those Without a College Degree

Ten career paths

Don’t despair if you (or perhaps your children) aren’t planning on earning a four year college degree. Degrees are very expensive and in this post recession economy, don’t necessarily guarantee the best return on your dollar. There are interesting entry level jobs to which someone without a college degree can aspire. Of course, if you can … … Continue reading

The Value of Standing There and “Looking Pretty”

Young business woman calling telephone

As a side hustle extraordinaire, I’m always getting hired for odd jobs and random event work here and there. More often than not, I can reduce the actual job description to just standing there and “looking pretty”. I’ve done it in restaurants, at clubs, at doctor’s offices, at big conventions; sure, they’ll throw me an … … Continue reading

4 Things Your Child Can Do Instead of Going Immediately to College

environmental activist  in the forest wearing recycle t-shirt

Another school year is ending, and another crop of students are graduating high school.  Many parents would probably like their kids to go to college immediately, but that isn’t necessary.  If you’re flexible as a parent, you may realize that there are many other worthwhile things your kids can do besides go to college immediately. Consider … … Continue reading