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Marie at Family Money Values wants to help families understand the potential consequences of wealth. She encourages visitors to take the long view and pull all family generations together to nourish the family legacy and wealth.

Financial Lessons from The Hunger Games

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The film ‘Hunger Games” has a horrifying storyline set in a decadent US post-apoplectic capital – wealthy, degenerate and thirsting for entertainment. After the 12 districts tried to secede, a war started. Once it was resolved in favor of a centralized government, that central government ordained that each year there would be a ‘Hunger Game’ … … Continue reading

Embrace the Negative!

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“It has been said that we learn little from our most positive experiences; they only reinforce what we already know. It is our most painful and ‘negative’ experiences which provide the greatest positive value and contribute the most to our learning and personal growth.” p 88 Mark Haynes Daniell in Strategy for the Wealthy Family … … Continue reading