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Marie at Family Money Values wants to help families understand the potential consequences of wealth. She encourages visitors to take the long view and pull all family generations together to nourish the family legacy and wealth.

Jobs for those Without a College Degree

Ten career paths

Don’t despair if you (or perhaps your children) aren’t planning on earning a four year college degree. Degrees are very expensive and in this post recession economy, don’t necessarily guarantee the best return on your dollar. There are interesting entry level jobs to which someone without a college degree can aspire. Of course, if you can … … Continue reading

Build Memories and Spend Less on Your Grandchildren this Summer

Senior man reading map with grandson on country walk

Today’s grandparents are notorious for spoiling their beloved grand-kids. Today’s grand-kids are notorious for being glued to a screen. Spend less, and pry the kids away from those screens by doing some of these activities to build face time with yours. These are the times they will remember, long after they have forgotten who gave … … Continue reading