About Daisy Flower (Staff Writer)

Daisy is a 20 something personal finance and lifestyle blogger from Vancouver, BC, Canada. Daisy blogs at When Life Gives You Lemons, Add Vodka, and Suburban Finance. She's always trying to achieve balance between her career, relationships, blogs, and health, and tries to encourage others to do the same.

Advance Your Career By Taking the Road Less Travelled

young businessman in front of a crossroad

I’ve always been somebody who does things a little differently. Sometimes it complicates things and can throw a wrench in a project or a something I am trying to achieve, sometimes it’s just a roundabout way of getting to the same outcome, and sometimes it serves me really well. One way that I’ve benefited immensely from … … Continue reading

Why I Have Started to Like the Idea of Allowances in Family Finances


As part of our qualifying to marry at our dream venue, my fiancé and I were required to attend pre-marital counselling through the church that the venue is part of. We did so willingly, as our friends had been through it and spoke highly of the experience. One the inevitable things that we spoke about during our … … Continue reading