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4 Ways to Make 2016 Your Best Year Yet

It’s soon to be 2016, and like every year, you hope that it’s going to be the best year you’ve ever had. Most of us go into the New Year with high hopes. We set New Year’s resolutions and goals and sometimes even make small “investments” (like gym memberships) to work toward achieving them. Most resolution setters don’t … … Continue reading

4 Effortless Ways to Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

Skating rink at Victoria Park, London ON.

You probably don’t want an extra 5 pounds of fat for Christmas, do you? Yeah, neither do I, but with eggnog and hot chocolate and candy laying around everywhere, not to mention the several feasts that happen around this season, get togethers with friends over long and decadent dinners, and all of the baking that suddenly … … Continue reading