How do we define Ecological Footprint?

Ecological Footprint is the impact of daily human activities, whether by individuals, families, communities or countries. It is gauged as the amount of environment needed in order to support a particular lifestyle. Moreover, ecological footprint is also a measure of sustainability since it also shows our consumption of resources and waste disposal.

What is my actual Ecological Footprint?

To find out your ecological footprint, take a quiz here. The ecological footprint calculator will ask you questions about your lifestyle, thereby knowing your environmental impact.

Now that I know my Ecological Footprint, what should I do?

If you have a high ecological footprint, you should find ways to lessen it. Planet Earth consists of interconnected ecosystems. Thus, once our ecological balance is broken, it would result to natural disasters, topsoil depletion, famine, and extinction of particular species. We must understand that earth’s resources are limited; hence, it is our responsibility to preserve our planet. We are already reaping the destruction we sowed before, but it is never too late to make a significant, positive change. In the end, it is for the benefit of all humankind.

How can I lessen my ecological footprint? It seems difficult.

Saving the planet is not an overwhelming task. You just do simple things in a consistent manner. And it could be sexy and romantic too!

  • Go Gaga for Organic

When shopping for food, opt for local organic products. Food products without pesticides are both body and environment-friendly. It will help you a lot in achieving your fitness goals. It also lessens your risk from having cancer. On the other hand, local produce used lesser gas energy since it traveled a shorter time from the ranch to your plate.

  • Save water, shower together

Showering with your special someone is always fun and romantic. You can save water energy while having a form of special bond.

  • Turn the lights off when having steamy nights with the bae

When you’re making love, turn off the lights. Not only that it saves energy, it also makes the experience more sensual. Moreover, you could also turn off the air-conditioner to make the sexperience (see what I did there?), extra hot. Literally, though.

  • Designate an errand day in one car outing

Maximize one car outing by doing a lot of errands. In this manner, you can save gasoline and money. It is also wise way of using your time for it paves way for more sentimental things like number 5.

  • Go on cheap picnic dates and watch the sunset

Instead of fancy restaurant dates, opt for cheap picnic dates and watch the sunset. Did you know that 80% of carbon emissions occur during food production? This means that heavily processed and long transported food products have high ecological footprint. With that being said, your food consumption highly affects your ecological footprint as well. Picnic dates do not only help the environment but it can strengthen your emotional intimacy as well. Plus, cooking for your significant other is a heartwarming way of showing love.

  • Get naked on your “Thank God I have nothing to do” days

Why not get naked when you’re feeling lazy as fuck, chilling at corner of your home? Not only that it is undeniably comfy, it also saves water energy used for laundry. You can also do a good routine of overcoming body insecurities; wherein you appreciate your body in front of the mirror. Tell things that would make you more confident. Tell your body it is a beautiful piece of art, it is beautiful and it is unique. Honestly, there is nothing sexier than self-love and body positivity.

  • Pleasure yourself

When you are sexually aroused but feeling lazy to call someone, do not fret. Quality toys are to the rescue, like products from You can also save from gas energy because you do not have to hit someone at the bar (if you are single) or drive over your bae’s house.

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