3 Inspirational Stories That Will Bring a Tear to Your Eye

iStock 000016576679XSmall 262x300 3 Inspirational Stories That Will Bring a Tear to Your Eye There are bad things happening all over the world. However, there are also good things always happening. Many times the good gets overlooked for the bad. There are many inspirational stories out there that should not be overlooked, no matter what else is going on in the world.

A Family Starting From Scratch

There are many egg donor stories out there, and they are all touching. The story published in the Huffington Post by Joyce McFadden is extremely emotional. She and her husband had been trying to get pregnant for about ten years before they decided to try an egg donor. After selecting a donor they liked, they were able to get pregnant. With the donor’s help, they had a beautiful little girl.

About a year and a half later, they decided they wanted to try again, and the same donor agreed. During this time, they had not met the woman who donated her eggs. However, there was a problem with the second donation, and the eggs were not able to be harvested. At this point, Joyce decided it was time to meet the woman. They spent some time together, and the donor decided she would try a third time. This time, the eggs were harvested successfully, and Joyce got pregnant again. Unfortunately, the second baby was lost in a miscarriage. The touching details can be read in Joyce’s post about the event.

A School Shooting Stopped With a Hug

Though it is not suggested that anyone do the following, this is truly an inspirational story. In 2006, a Nevada high school student started to openly shoot at students. The students started running, but the teacher, Jencie Fagan walked toward the student who was still shooting. She started hugging him. She was able to talk him into putting the gun down, which turned this possible tragedy into a truly amazing story. The student was only able to get off three shots. There were two students injured, but there were no deaths, which is a very different ending than it could easily have been.

Therapy Dogs Bring Much Needed Relief

After the Boston Marathon bombing, there were a lot of people in need of a little therapy. Luckily, some of these people got what they needed in the form of a furry companion. The Lutheran Church Charities K-9 Comfort Dogs program flew the dogs in from Chicago to help victims of the bombing start to cope with what they have been dealing with. Of course, there is a lot of healing still to be had for these people, but being able to talk with the dogs, as well as snuggle and play with them, has been a huge help for many who were affected by this tragedy. Some of the companion dogs were even sent to hospitals to try to comfort those who could not come to them.

There are amazing and inspirational stories all over. Sometimes you just need a little pick-me-up, and an inspirational story is the best way to get that.

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 3 Inspirational Stories That Will Bring a Tear to Your Eye

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