Friday Links – Vacation Edition

iStock_000010758240XSmallHappy Friday Everyone. I hope you have all had a great week. I ended up getting sick which slowed me down a bit but I seem to be better now which is good because the busy schedule has continued. The best thing is there is light at the end of the tunnel; I will be leaving on vacation next week and won’t be back until late April. I can’t wait. I need a break badly as you know. Between the Board, the two jobs, and to do’s at home, I have been burning the candle at both ends for a while now and reaching the point of burn out. My pal TB over at Blue Collar Workman is going to be happy because I will finally be getting some rest and sleep. Plus I know you all are tired of hearing about how tired I am.

My hubby and I are heading to South East Asia for the second time. This time we will be traveling through Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore. We are quite excited and I will have many stories to share when I am back. Simon from Sustainable Personal Finance, my dear friend, will be managing the site while I am gone so nothing will change for my readers. I will have a great line up of articles for you as always, so there will be plenty of conversations and discussions to participate in during my absence. I will be rounding all of your sites when I return to catch up on what I miseed. I promise!

Cheers and thanks to all of you for your readership. I love getting to know you all more and learn from you. Do take care while I am gone.

There were as always great reads out this week which I have highlighted below:

Good Reads From The Blogosphere:


If you are new to PET or haven’t gotten a chance to read all the articles in the past, here are few archives you might enjoy.

PET Archives



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