Friday Links – Snow Tubing and SuperBowl

iStock 000021336621XSmall Friday Links   Snow Tubing and SuperBowl Hey Everyone. Happy Friday. I can say that I have somehow been keeping my head above water so to speak. I don’t think I am any less busy; I am still working two jobs and I have had board meetings almost every night, but I seem to be doing ok. I guess I am getting a bit better at managing the chaos which is a nice feeling. I am still behind on some blogging stuff but I am doing my best to get caught up when I can. Not everything can be number one the priority list right?!

This weekend I have blocked off some time for fun which is a great feeling as most of my life these days has been all work and no play. On Saturday we are going snow tubing with some friends which wil be hilarious. I can’t wait to act like a big kid for an afternoon. On Sunday we are having our annual Superbowl party which is always a great time. I am not sure who to go for this year. Baltimore is due for a win and giving it is Ray Lewis’ last year, a Superbowl win would be a great way to retire. However, I am liking the rookie Kaepernick on San Francisco.  How cool is it to win a Superbowl in your rookie season?! I have a feeling I will decide last minute who to cheer for.

So, what is on the weekend plans for you all? Who are you cheering for on Sunday.

There were as always a ton of great reads out this week which I have highlighted below:

Good Reads from the Blogosphere:


If you are new to PET or haven’t gotten a chance to read all the articles in the past, here are few archives you might enjoy.

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Hope you have a great weekend.


Friday Links – Snow Tubing and SuperBowl — 15 Comments

  1. We are a bit out of it here – there is a lot on the box about the SuperBowl but as no-one here really plays NFL and as Manchester United are just down the road, it’s a no-brainer really! Or for some misguided folk, Manchester City are just down another road. Liverpool is not so far away either.:-)

    Never mind – hope you have a good time!

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