Friday Links – Week Three of Chaos

iStock 000014094854XSmall Friday Links   Week Three of ChaosHi everyone. This week has been as hectic as the last two. I am still alive though so this is a good sign. I feel like I got over my weak spells so that is good and my energy is a bit better. Things aren’t slowing down at all but with feeling at full strength I should be able to make it through the week.

I do have a ton to catch up on this weekend though. More board stuff, ugh, and I have a ton to do with the site- postings, comments, email responses. With that said though I have planned some fun time. We are getting together with friends of ours for dinner on Saturday which will be a nice brain break for me. We also get to babysit my new niece tomorrow which is always fun. I love babies!

Enough about me though. I hope you all are doing ok. What is new and exciting with you guys? I hope you aren’t working yourselves into the ground like I seem to be at the moment.

There were as always a ton of great reads out this week which I have highlighted below:

Good Reads from the Blogosphere:


If you are new to PET or haven’t gotten a chance to read all the articles in the past, here are few archives you might enjoy.

PET Archives


Hope you all have a great weekend and thank you for your support and encouragement. It is so nice to have people there for you  when times are tough.


Friday Links – Week Three of Chaos — 20 Comments

  1. Sorry you’ve had another hectic week Miss T! I’ve been sick this week, so it’s made my hecticness feel worse than usual. I am starting to feel better though, so am hoping to relax a little this weekend. Enjoy your down time this weekend!

  2. Glad to see you back up and running, almost on a full tank! We all have our moments. Love your shares this week! I don’t think buying a lottery ticket is a waste, just once in a while, its fun!!!

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