Friday Links – Too Swamped Edition

iStock 000009029390XSmall Friday Links   Too Swamped EditionHi everyone. This week has been crazy for me. I literally feel spun. I have started a new job at work which is great but also very overwhelming as I still need to keep up doing my old job until my replacement is hired and trained. I also serve on a Board that is ramping up full swing after the holidays which is leaving me with little time to catch my breath. The house stuff, time with the hubby, other home commitments etc. are also on my radar and looming over my head. I am hoping to get a few moments to compose myself this weekend but I am not making any promises. I hope the rest of you get more of a chance to rest than me. I have tried to do some reading this week which I have highlighted below:

Great Reads From The Blogosphere:


If you are new to PET or haven’t gotten a chance to read all the articles in the past, here are few archives you might enjoy

PET Archives:


Hope you have a great weekend.


Friday Links – Too Swamped Edition — 12 Comments

  1. Spare yourself some time to relax Miss T. With cold weather and flu everywhere, you don’t wanna take risk on your health, right? You’ll surely get through your busy days once everything is in place.

  2. Hope you can find some time to unwind this weekend Miss T! We’re in a similar situation as business is crazy busy, which is a good problem…BUT leaves little time to relax. Hoping for some of that myself this weekend.

  3. I hope you can rest this weekend! I am impressed by all your work around here and other sites, add a full time job and having a life, no wonder you are under water.

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