Best of Money – Price is Right Edition

Here it comes, television’s longest running game show, filled with tips and fabulous prizes, anyone can win, the Best of Money Carnival – Price is Right Edition!

Today we are calling “blog reader” to come on down to contestant’s row.

Our first item up for bid is a six pack of steps to prepare you for wealth sponsored by Family Money Values. This pack will help you develop healthy habits, built your skills, protect yourself and your family, battle wealth destroyers, nurture relationships, and avoid negative impacts.

Our next item up for bid is a personal finance management kit sponsored by One Cent at a Time. This kit will help you know what you want to do with money, know where your money goes, know how to save money for your goals, plan your spending in advance, know exactly where you need to put control, and organize your financial records.

Our third item up for bid is a successful marriage package sponsored by Faith and Finance. Newleyweds from all around can’t wait to get their hands on this. The vows you made on your wedding day shouldn’t be broken because of a broken budget or poor spending habits.  Start (or rebuild) your marriage with these financial strategies and keep debt out of your marriage!

The next item up for bid is a night out at the club sponsored by BarWhiz. In this package you will receive fifteen strategies for how to club it on the cheap. Some tips may obvious, some unorthodox, but they will all work.

Our fifth item up for bid is 50th birthday party sponsored by Boomer and Echo. At this party you will get to learn how to max out your financial situation and prepare yourself for a secure future.

Our next item up for bid is a free semester at the money school sponsored by Free from Broke. During this semester you will learn 7 things to not do when it comes to managing your money. Once you pass the course you will be set on your way to financial freedom.

The seventh item up for bid is a free scholarship sponsored by My University Money. This prize is full of tricks on how to stand out and give yourself the greatest chance at getting money for school.

The next item up for bid is a one-on-one session with Darth Vader sponsored by Wealthy Turtle. With this prize you will be able to meet Darth Vader and learn how to not allow your business empire to become defeated and how to secure your financial future.

Now, it is time for our showcase showdown:

The first showcase package is “fail free” brought to you by Simple Life Habits. This showcase will teach you how to save, be patient, and invest regardless of what changes take place in your life. Changeless principles are the key to a secure future.

The second showcase package issay no to skimp” brought to you by Brip Blap is the winning prize of this week’s carnival. . This showcase teaches you how to avoid the mania of frugality and outlines where spending money is the best option.

You have just won both showcases and are now prepared for the road to financial freedom.

This concludes this weeks episode of the Best of Money Carnival – Price is Right Edition. Stay tuned next week to see if you can come down to contestant’s row.

If you would like to submit your name for next week’s edition, please go to the Best of Money Carnival site.


Best of Money – Price is Right Edition — 13 Comments

  1. Wow- there’s a lot of wisdom and learning in those articles. One word that caught my attention as I scroll down is “HABIT”. Something that is repeatedly done no matter how difficult at first becomes an effortless activity. The habit of savings, giving prompt payments, time consciousness, and a lot more.

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