Prairie Eco-Thrifter Was Included in Eight Carnivals This Week

Many thanks to Canadian Finance Blog for including A. Blinkin’s post, Is a Penny Saved a Penny Earned at the Canadian Finance Carnival #69 .  Also thanks to The Ultimate Juggle who hosted the Yakezie Carnival and The Skilled Investor who hosted Carnival of Financial Planning – Edition #217 for both including it in their carnivals too.

Help Me to Save included YFS’ post, How to Get a Salary Raise in the Totally Money Carnival: First Foot into 2012 as did My University Money in the Carnival of Financial Camaraderie #14.  Thank you!

Also, My Wealth Builder included Latisha’s post, Investing with the Santa Claus Rally in The Wealth Builder Carnival #60.

Funny about Money included Latisha’s post, How to Invest Like an Extreme Couponer in the Festival of Frugality .

Lastly, thanks to Sweating the Big Stuff for including my post, How to Throw a Green Party in the Carnival of Personal Finance .

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