Best of Money Carnival #112

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Hello and welcome to the 112th Best of Money Carnival. This carnival, like others, requires bloggers to submit their very best post for the week.  However, instead of posting all the entries, it’s up to each host to pick only the best 10 selections.  I like seeing what each host picks week-to-week based on his/her own interests.  What matters to the host will determine the top 10.

Starting a countdown from 10-1, here are my favorite 10 posts of the week:

Number 10: Jason at Live Real, Now shares with us his series on how to make extra money on line through niche selection. In this day and age with a vast increase in internet business it is really hard to come up with anything original and catchy. Jason shares his tips on how to make your site stand out.

Number 9: Frugal Living tells us to let the dark night guide our finances. In 2008, one of the greatest movies of the decade came to cinemas: The Dark Knight. Starring acting greats such as Christian Bale (Bruce Wayne/Batman), Aaron Eckhart (Harvey Dent/Two Face), Gary Oldman (Commissioner Gordon), and of course, the brilliant performance of the late Heath Ledger as the Joker, The Dark Knight smashed worldwide box office records within days. While the plot, acting, music composition, and special effects are normally what others focus on when watching this movie, there are actually quite a few lessons in personal finance that can be learned from The Dark Knight as well.

Number 8: Glen at Free From Broke tells us what a credit card number is. Ever wonder if a credit card number has a rhyme or reason? Well it does. Being a personal finance geek myself, I found this piece of trivia neat to read.

Number 7: Paula at Afford Anything lets us on a little secret- how to fly for free. A U.S. government loophole means you could get a free first-class ticket to Bora Bora … but the ethics are questionable.  Would you do it?

Number 6: Amanda at My Dollar Plan gives us a list of companies that will pay you to reuse items that you already own. How cool is that?! There’s nothing like getting rewarded and helping the environment at the same time. Being a sustainable and green living person, I found this list very valuable. I think more companies should jump on this initiative.

Number 5: Mr. SPF at Sustainable Personal Finance had a light come on this week when he realized he has been making money online for 4 decades. Considering SPF isn’t a senior yet, this is pretty impressive. Check out how he played games and got paid.

Number 4:  Briana at Stupid Cents brings you personal finance lessons from Harry Potter. Now I have never been much into this kid and his fights against wizards, but knowing that he is teaching youth today how to be financially responsible rocks.

Number 3: Daniel at Sweating the Big Stuff discusses the pros and cons of being a bum. This is definitely something I have never pondered. I have always been about a challenging career and bettering myself. How about you?

Number 2: Kevin at Invest it Wisely has figured out that savings = freedom. Being out of debt is good, but the only way we really improve our lot in life is by saving and investing for the future! This is true both individually, and of us as a whole. The Dodges have it rough, but they are doing great compared to people a hundred years ago. They are able to indirectly benefit from the accumulated savings and investment of other people which has led to all of the things in society which we enjoy today. What about you?


Number 1: Robb at Canadian Finance Blog says “Freedom 55 is just a dream!” So much for my plans for the good life…lol. Realisitically though, trying to determine your retirement date 25 years in advance is next to impossible. I agree. As a young person myself, we are better off trying to continually improve our financial situation each year so that our choices become less difficult over time.

Thanks for reading today. Before you go, why not take a look around? I’d love to connect on Facebook and Twitter and if you’d like a little help with personal finance, sign up for my feed over on the right. I look forward to connecting with you and learning about your personal finance journey!

Remember to submit your posts next week to the Best of Money Carnival. Next week’s host is the Life Compass Blog.


Best of Money Carnival #112 — 14 Comments

    • @SPF. Great thanks. You know I couldn’t help but play the age guessing game when I read that post. I know we are in a similar bracket but that post got me more curious. Hope all is well.

  1. Nice selections on the articles. I’m always impressed by just how good the winning posts are for these carnivals. All the more reason to improve my writing skills that I can dominate the carnivals from here on in! Mwahaha! I mean, thanks for hosting, and sharing all these great blog entries! ;)

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