Totally Money Blog Carnival #18 – 6 Ways to Save Money Edition

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Welcome to the 18th edition of the Totally Money Carnival. This week’s theme is spring, spring cleaning that is, and I ain’t talking about those dust bunnies. I am talking about spring cleaning your finances and finding more ways you can save money.

Today along with the great tips from my fellow personal finance bloggers, I am going to share with you six ways you can clean up your finances this season. First though, lets take a moment to contemplate on this week’s editor’s picks.

Editor’s Picks

Little House presents Not Enough Saved For Retirement? Think Outside the Box (or Country). Who says that you have to retire in the same country that you saved for it in. This is a great post on how we should explore every option. You never know where the process might take you.

Justin Weinger presents 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn?t Paydown Your Credit Cards. I chose this one because I respect him for going against the grain; for saying something most personal finance bloggers wouldn’t dare. He definitely gives you something to think about.

FruGal presents Why you SHOULD sweat the small stuff when it comes to money – FruGal. All my life I have been told to not sweat the small stuff; that the little things don’t matter. While in some cases this is true, FruGal has a point here. A penny here and a dollar there really do add up over time.

Jeffrey presents 4 Easy Ways to Raise More Cash For Charity. Ever since coming home from my trip to Asia and seeing how poor some people really do live, charity has been on my mind more than ever. In fact, my husband and I just revamped our budget so that we can donate to charities even more each month. Thanks Jeffrey for giving us some new ideas on how we can help others. They are definitely worth a try.

Now on to the rest…

Save Money this Spring: #1.  Give your phone company a call and ask about better packages and lower rates. We just came back from holidays and did just that. Our phone and internet fees doubled in price so we called to see if we could get a better deal. Unfortunately we ended up switching providers but for a savings of $45 a month, it’s worth it.

Dr. Dean presents Happiness, Osama, Spending, and You? Money doesn’t buy happiness but it buys opportunities. Do you use those to achieve happiness on your own or do you pass those opportunities by?

Crystal presents 5 Credit Card Mistakes You Want to Avoid. Credit cards can be a great tool but these mistakes are all too common. Avoid them and you’ll do fine in the world of credit.

Glen Craig presents Credit Cards for Excellent Credit. You worked hard to get your excellent credit. Besides loans, excellent credit can you some great benefits with a credit card. See some of the best credits cards out there for those with excellent credit.

The Amateur Financier presents Frugal Friday – Honeymoons. Ways to save on that most enjoyable part of the wedding, the honeymoon!

Kay Lynn Akers presents Steps to Take Before Bankruptcy. A few friends have had to file in the past and it sure sounds complex to me. Read Kay’s article to find some alternate routes.

Ramsay presents Borrowing From Your 401k. Among the many benefits afforded to many 401k participants is the ability to borrow funds from the account for personal purposes

Save Money this Spring: #2. Make sure that none of your credit cards are over 50 per cent of your utilization amount. This looks really bad on a credit report. If you are, come up with a payment plan and start paying off those with the highest rates first. If you find a card with a significantly lower interest rate, consider switching. I did this yeas ago when I was in debt and it made paying off the debt a reality. Also, make sure you aren’t paying unnecessary fees for things like credit card insurance.

Money Reasons presents Paying Expenses From Dividends. Why not use your dividends to pay your expenses? Instead of doing this in retirement, she’s starting now.

Financial Uproar presents Better Know An ETF- NAREIT Mortgage Plus. Their look at a contrarian ETF that invests in mortgages, and has a generous yield approaching 10%.

Craig Ford presents Stock Speculating Strategies You Should Avoid. Danger areas associated with stock speculating.

Tom Drake presents Self Worth and Net Worth. One’s self worth has a huge impact on their net worth. Sometimes spending money just makes you feel good. The nicer things you have, the nicer you feel.

Ken Faulkenberry presents The Best Value Equity Asset Allocation Strategies. He examines the best value equity asset allocation strategies to help investors develop a successful investment management system.

Sustainable PF presents The Beauty in Saving Your Skin and the Water Supply. I too am all for green beauty in our house. Thanks for the tips SPF.

South County Girl presents Car Insurance Changes Again, Part 2. A post about breaking down your insurance costs and how you can budget for them.

Dana presents 5 Frugal Ways To Beat Food Price Inflation. If you have been to the grocery store anytime over the course of past few months then you have definitely seen how food prices have escalated.

Save Money this Spring: #3. Set up automatic bill payment so that you’re never late on payments again. Go paperless and reduce clutter. We do this and not only is handy when we travel but we also save trees.  And make sure you’re getting the most out of your savings. Are you getting the best interest gains you can?

Tax Debt Help presents Savers Tax Credit: Get Rewarded for Retirement.  We have something similar in Canada and it definitely motivates you to save.

Money Beagle presents Would You Undo All Of Your Wasted Spending If You Could? Would you *really* undo every bad spending decision you’ve made if you had the chance? Sometimes on paper it looks like a no-brainer, but it could really be tough in many cases. Think of some of those crazy experiences you had as a youth that would be able to tell people about.

Jeri Ford presents $7,200 Worth of Free Travel in 12 months. Learn how to leverage credit cards for free travel.

Jim Yih presents What is your retirement price tag? To plan for retirement properly and figure out how much money you need, you first must establish your retirement price tag – how much will you spend?

Dave M presents Types of Mortgages in case you are in the market for buying a house.

Charles Chua C K presents Money Matters to Avoid for Baby Boomers. I think these are great tips for personal finance in general, not just the 55+.

Sun presents CD Ladder Can Add Liquidity And Return.

Melissa presents How to Get Dinner on the Table Part Three, Freezer Cooking. It may take a few months to get used to, but if you are willing to put in some time up front, you too can enjoy the many nights you can avoid cooking (except to reheat a meal from the freezer).

Save Money this Spring: #4. When finances get tight, retirement savings are the first to go. Set up automatic payments and treat retirement savings as just another monthly expense. We unfortunately got off track for a little while but we are back in action saving for our retirement. Don’t make the same mistake we did. Keep a monthly contribution of some kind no matter what.

MoneyCone presents Selling Stuff On Amazon: A Step-By-Step Guide. A step-by-step HOWTO on selling used products on Amazon. I must admit I haven’t gotten into this yet. I have thought about it but haven’t made the effort to actually try it. Time to start!

Tim Chen presents Amazon Visa Credit Card vs Citibank Forward: Something to Smile About? has its own credit card, which earns 3 points for every dollar spent at the vast online store. But is the Amazon Rewards Credit Card worth it, even for frequent Amazon shoppers?

Miss Thrifty presents How to Save Money with Cloth Nappies.

Jacob @ My Personal Finance Journey presents FREE Netflix For All For 1 Month! Netflix is a powerful way to save money on your monthly cable TV bills. This post contains several risk free 1 month trials you can use to get started and see if it is right for you.

Investor Junkie presents Stagflation in 2011? Are we going to experience stagflation in 2011? Since IJ is  more a believer of Austrian school of economics, he would have to say a resounding yes.

Jim presents How to Calculate Your Full Effective Tax Rate. Your tax bracket only tells part of the tax story, here’s how you can calculate your real tax burden.

Adam presents Are You Intimidated by Greatness? If you’ve ever struggled with getting traction or making progress with your finances, the following three ideas could help.

Kevin presents Canada’s Conservatives Win 2011 Election and Harper Wins a Majority Government. He asks”What does a majority government mean? Will this new government return to its proper role and reduce the weight of government on people’s backs? Will Canada move toward prosperity, or will we repeat the mistakes of our neighbours to the south, engaging in destructive spending and debt, needless wars, and more socialism?”

Save Money this Spring: #5. Contrary to what you might think, you are not obligated to stick with your insurance company if their rates are too high. Using a comparison site, compare and shop around. We just renewed our insurance and made some adjustments to get a lower premium.

Boomer presents Organic Food Gardening. Growing you own food is a healthy, money saving trend that is being embraced by many city dwellers – young and old.

Outlaw presents Idiot’s Guide to Investing In the Stock Market. Tips for beginners who want to get going in the stock market.

Philip presents 7 Retirement Savings Excuses You Can Overcome. Don’t let these issues trip you up. Get going with your retirement savings and stop making excuses

Mike Piper asks Is a Single Target Retirement Fund Really OK?

Pat S presents The 15 Year Millionaire Plan: Year 4. How to use your Roth IRA as a component in building a million dollar net worth in only 15 years.

Jay Fleischman presents How A Credit Junkie Broke The Credit Habit (And So Can You). Many wouldn’t admit that they are addicted to spending money and buying the newest craze. Cheers to Jay for sharing his story.

Marina K. Villatoro presents Teaching your Child about Money Management | International Woman – It’s all about the Experience… She shares how teaching kids the importance of  managing money from an early age, and why allowances don’t work.

Save Money this Spring: #6. Could you be saving money on your mortgage? Is there a lower rate you can get? Are you able to make an extra payment this month towards the principal? All of these options should be explored in an effort to save you money. We just set up an extra payment for each month.

Neal Frankle presents Mortgages for Second Homes THE EASY WAY. Pam recently asked about getting a mortgage for a second home. Actually, she wanted to help her adult daughter buy a home. Jamie, her daughter had enough income to afford the payments but didn’t have a high credit score and she was sure she couldn’t qualify for a mortgage on her own. She was still struggling with college credit card debt. On top of that, Jamie didn’t have the money for the down payment either. As a result, Pam started looking into getting a mortgage for her “second home” and then leasing it to her daughter.

Jason presents The Benefits of Ignorance. Sometimes, ignorance can uncover surprising savings.

Andrew presents 15 Ways to Commit Career Suicide. A short list of ways not to succeed in a young career.

Steve presents How to Choose Your Investments Wisely. Picking the right investment vehicle is vital to your trading success.

Jessica presents Safeguarding Your Savings From Your Own Sticky Fingers. The best way to safeguard your money is to pretend you don’t have any. If you would like to safeguard your savings from yourself, try direct deposit, unlinking accounts, saying no to checks, and making everyone accountable.

Tom presents What Is Term Life Insurance? Life insurance is important for everyone but it can be expensive. That is where term life insurance can be the most helpful.

Kathryn @ Financial Highway presents 30 Most Common Interview Questions and How to Answer Them. This guide not only tells you what the interview questions are but also provides insight into what the interviewer is really asking and what types of answers will help you get the job.

That’s all for the carnival this week.  If you would like to contribute to this new and awesome carnival, use the handy submission form for your entry.  Next week’s edition will be hosted by Retire by 40.


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