P.E.P. for the Week of February 14-18/11-Planning Edition

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This week we are busy bees planning. We are co-hosting a bday party for a dear friend of mine this Saturday and we are in charge of all the food. Therefore the last couple days have been spent planning the menu and the groceries. Tomorrow we will start the cooking.

We are also working on planning our trip to Asia. We have had some kinks with our itinerary and corresponding flights so we have be trying to plan a route that works with the flight patterns. If you any of you have been to Asia and have some suggestions, please send them my way. Last night we were up late trying to finalize a plan that would work.

We are also flood planning. There is a risk of a flood here this spring so we are working on getting our house prepped. We will be away at the time the risk is the highest so we are working on getting our furniture in our basement propped up on blocks as well as running dehumidifiers.

As you can see, we have been planning at any spare moment. Now on to the PEP’s of the week.

Managing Money

Watson Inc. asks us What Keeps Us On Track Financially? I would have to say that Quicken really helps. We get a visual picture every month of where are finances are and what we have spent our money on. I also find that setting goals makes a difference. We have been saving for our vacation to Asia since last year and we have been successful at this.

Beating Broke tells us how we can improve our credit score by adding positive information. I have always tried to do the low balances thing. When you spend little of the credit you have, creditors look favourable on your because it tells them you are responsible.

Mom Vesting talks to us about bringing the subject of money up with your spouse. This must be a hot topic lately because I have read numerous articles about it. In our household we have open discussions regularly. We are always aware of how each other feels and where we are with our plans. The only secrets we have from one another is when we buy each other a gift.

Sustainable Life Blog shares with us tips on how to repair our credit. A few years ago my credit took a bit of a hit. I wasn’t managing my money very well. One of the things that worked well for me was negotiating with the creditors. We found a system that worked for both of us.

Consumerism Commentary asks us if we are better off than our parents? In my life, my parents have always seemed to do quite well financially and we never suffered as kids. Even now, my parents are in a fantastic financial situation. When I look back though at what it was like when they were my age, I can honestly say that my hubby and I are better off financially than they were. We have more stable careers, we have no debt (other than our mortgage), and we own a home. How about you?

Broke Professionals tells us why it’s beneficial to create a notebook for our financial future.  We actually just implemented this. We wrote down a list of our current expenses, our current goals, and where we are at. We have referenced this list and found it really helpful. You should try it.

DINKS tells us why Wylie Coyote is a financial genius.  Gosh, this brings back memories. I loved that series as a kid. I knew his determination and focus was something to remember, but I never thought of it in relation to finances.


Personal Finance by the Book tells us how negotiating can put us on top. I have used this tactic in the past and it really does work. You just have to muster up a bit of courage.

Get Rich Slowly tells us how we can cheat on our taxes legally. I don’t know about you but I am always up for saving some money anywhere I can. I just have to see if any of these tips can apply to Canadians.

Life and My Finances shares with us how to keep moving expenses low. I remember when we moved we had to pay for help because no one in our family was in the shape needed to lift furniture.

How to Save Money shares the best price comparison sites in Canada. This is an awesome resource for me since we are always trying to find the best deal. Some of these sites I hadn’t heard of.

Going Frugal

Fabulously Broke shares with us tips on how we can combat frugal fatigue. Yes it can get tiring living the frugal life if you don’t have the right approach. She shares 5 strategies to help you get back on track and feeling better.

Squirrelers asks us how much we had to work to buy that? You know, I always find the balance of time and money a challenge. I often find we come up with excuses as to why we should be able to get something done. But then I think of how much more productive we would be if we got some help sometimes. How about you? Do you struggle with this?

Wealth Informatics gives us 23 ways we can have fun on a date. I am going to start planning some of these for our date nights.

Going Green

Money Crashers shares with us 6 Places to Buy Natural and Green Cleaning products. Now we make our own but if you don’t find you have the time to do this, this post is a great resource. Remember, by protecting the environment you are protecting yourself.

Sustainable Personal Finance talks to us about the benefits of kitchen compost. We have an indoor compost bin as well as three outdoor bins. They work great for lawn clippings, paper products, and leaves. For veggie scraps and such, I try to use them to make stock so they don’t even hit the compost pile.

Reducing Debt

Frugal Dad shares with us 10 Side Hustles that we can use to pay off our debt. The cool thing about this list is there is something for everyone. I really like the date night sitter option.

Financial Highway tells us how he paid off $50,000 of credit card debt. Congrats!! I have never owed that much on a credit card but I have had issues with paying them off in the past. Why not prevent this problem by following his tips.

Canadian Finance Blog tells us why living debt free doesn’t help our credit score. You know, I forgot about this and it is something important to remember. We need to use credit to have a good score. The key is we must pay it off regularly. That is the only way it works in your favour.

Canadian Personal Finance Blog talks about old school debt thinking. I think I would have to agree, no debt is good debt.

Investing Wisely

Money Ning shares with us Investment Lessons From Jerry Seinfeld. I was addicted to this show back in the 90′s and I remember this very episode. I definitely agree that you should be educated about an investment opportunity before you invest in it.

Passive Family Income asks us how much we need to retire? Good question. I am currently working on developing three streams of additional income. Once they start up and run for a bit, I am hoping they become passive.

Canadian Dream tells us how we can max out our RRSPs. These tips are coming just in time for tax season. We got a decent return last year and we should get one just as big this year. The plan is to reinvest the majority of it.

Balance Junkie asks what you investment personality is? 7 very good questions to ask. I prefer to have less risk, invest in index funds and stocks directly, and I would like to build wealth. How about you?

Finance Fox wonders if cosmetic surgery can be an investment? Sometimes I have toyed with the idea of getting a few improvements. Other times I have said I can better spend my money. What do you think?

Caring for Yourself/Others

Live Real, Now tells us how we can make a vault to protect ourselves. These are some really great tips. We actually practice all of them and we have never had a security breech.

Punch Debt in the Face tells us how we can not suck. I think these four areas are the essence of one’s life and they should be looked after appropriately. After reading this post, I have determined that right now, I am not sucking. How about you?

Sweating the Big Stuff reminds us to teach our kids now about finances. You know, if I think about it, I never really got any solid financial advice from my parents. Sure they set a good example but I don’t remember having any sit down talks about the subject. I guess that’s why I made some poor money decisions in my youth.

Five Cent Nickel gives us alternatives to lending money to family and friends. Great ideas. A money deal among friends or family can really be a deal breaker. If things go sour, the trust is gone forever. I like the idea of helping them out with setting up a budget. It’s useful education that they can use for years to come.

That’s it for the round up but before you go make sure to check out the current giveaways for your chance to win. Cheers and have a great weekend.


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