P.E.P for Week of November 22-26, 2010-5 Ways to Eat Squash Edition

Happy Friday everyone! Wow did we get a lot of snow this week. We went from no snow last Friday to 2ft by this Friday. All it has been doing is snowing and all I have been doing is shoveling.

This week, the factoids included with the PEP’s of the week will deal with squash. Since many of us have squash from our fall harvest, I thought I would share with you some simple ways to enjoy this tasty vegetable.

squash P.E.P for Week of November 22 26, 2010 5 Ways to Eat Squash Edition

1. Cook a bunch of different kinds of squash together. Just dice them up and bake them in a bit of olive oil and salt and pepper. It makes a great side dish.

Everybody’s Got to Eat! Thinking About Food- 4 great ways to maximize the money you have for your food budget. (@almostfrugal)

Christmas Gifts that Make a Difference- I grew up not doing much for the holidays as far as gifts but I love this list of possible gifts. I especially like the ideas of yard work and a CSA membership. (@getrichslowly)

2. Slice or grate squash and use it salads. It provides a great twist on the flavour of the whole bowl.

How We Paid Off Our Mortgage in 3 Years- my husband and I are big fans of getting rid of our mortgage as quickly as possible. This post provides some great ways on how to do that. (@milliondollarjourney)

The Perfect Wedding Doesn’t Cost Much- this is a great story of how one couple had a frugal wedding and still loved every minute of it. I agree with the statement “Sure, you want your moment to be magical, but the magic is more about surrounding yourself with magical people than thousand dollar floral arrangements and lobster tail entrees.” (@consumerismcommentary)

3. Make soups. Squash work awesome in soups. You can either dice them up in a broth soup or your can puree them in to a cream soup. Soups are especially satisfying on these chilly winter days.

5 Haggling Tips to Get a Better Price- I  must admit, I don’t really like to haggle. It makes me feel uncomfortable, especially when I am travelling in less developed countries. However, if it is your thing, this post provides some great tips on how to do it well. (@moolanomy)

10 Tips from a Financially Savvy Teen- Tamara is lucky to have learned these skills early on in life. It will only help her build a sound financial future. (@wisebread)

4. Grate it. Squash can work the same in baking as carrots and zucchini. That way you can mix up the nutrients in your most favourite muffins.

Curing Warts, Removing Splinters, and 19 Other Bizarre Uses for Banana Peels-all I can say is wow. I will definitely add this to my resource manual for homemade and DIY products and remedies. (@wisebread)

5 Home Business Ideas with Low Start Up Costs- many of us are looking for a way to make some passive income and this post is a great place to start. (@moolanomy)

5. Add squash to rice and grain dishes. Some squashes are savoury and others are sweet so they make great additions to side dishes of rice or grains. Just dice them up, roast them and add them to the mix.

10 Ways to Invest $1000, Without Putting a Dime in the Stock Market- many aren’t as comfortable with investing in the stock market like they used to . Frugal Dad shares with us 10 ways we can make money without trading. (@frugaldad)

Fitness: Knowledge vs. Action, and a new $200/month expense- I want to applaud this blogger for taking on the challenge to get in shape. Yes, $200/month can be a lot but is a small fee to pay when it comes to investing in your future health. I believe that there is a strong correlation between your future wealth and your future health. (@wellheeledblog)

Well, that concludes the PEP’s of the week. I hope you have enjoyed the things you have read and are ready to have a great weekend. I just have one last small announcement to make: I am now a staff writer for Passive Family Income. Please check out John’s blog for my posts as well as his as they contain a plethora of useful information.

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