P.E.P for Week of October 18-22, 2010- History of the $20 Bill Edition

Happy Friday everyone and welcome to this week’s PEP edition. This week you are all in store for a little history lesson- how the $20 bill came to be. I hope you all enjoy it as well as the great reads that were found in cyberspace this week.

20 bill P.E.P for Week of October 18 22, 2010  History of the $20 Bill Edition

1. The first version of the $20 bill was released in 1862. It was in the form of a demand note that featured Lady Liberty holding a sword and shield on the front and an abstract design on the  back.

9 Top Ways We Waste Money- check your own spending and see if you are falling into any of these traps. (@walletpop)

Why Are There No Ads Urging Us to Save- 5 ways we get looped into purchasing instead of saving and what you can do to resist. (@getrichslowly)

2. In 1928, President Andrew Jackson first appeared on the $20 bill.

Stop Waiting for Tomorrow- Take Action Now- 4 great suggestions on how we can start being productive toward our goals. Stop procrastinating and get on it. You will thank yourself in the end. (@greenpandatreehouse)

How to Save Money On Your Cell Phone Bill- who doesn’t have a cell phone these days?! Here are some great ways to stay connected but limit the cost. (@greensherpa)

3. In 1942, a special emergency series with brown serial numbers and HAWAII overprinted on both the front and back side were issued.

Garden Ideas for Small Spaces- All of you know how much I loved my container garden this year. Well here are some great ideas on how to grow your food in small areas. (@wisebread)

Exploring a Financial Fast- just like when we want to get our healthy eating back on track and we cut out the junk food, we need to do the same with our spending. Fasting from shopping and spending for a short time can be key to building new effective habits. (canadianfinanceblog)

4. The average circulation life of a $20 bill is 25 months before it is replaced due to wear.

How To Document Your Assets for Life Insurance Purposes-this is one of my husband and I’s winter projects so these tips will come in very helpful when we start this daunting process. (@notmadeofmoney)

Get Your Debt Under Control with These Debt Fighting Tricks- all you need is 4 simple tools in your  belt and you are on your way to success. (@thedigeratilife)

5. The $20 bill in the past was referred to as a “double sawbuck” because it was twice the value of a ten dollar bill, which was named the “sawbuck” due to it’s resemblance to the Roman numeral for ten (X).

Lose the Cable TV, Gain Your Life- we don’t need electronics to entertain us. Life is full of simple pleasures. (@frugaldad)

Driving as A Metaphor for Investing- a person’s disposition and personality not only affects how the act on the road but also how they use their money. (@canadiandream)


PrairieEcoThrifter.com- win $25 at Amazon

DoNotWait.com- win an iPad

BuyLikeBuffett.com- win gift certificates to Walmart

Narrowbridge.net- win 500 free business cards

TightFistedMiser.com- win a copy of the book “Generation Earn”

PTMoney.com- win a Dave Ramsey Starter Kit worth $175


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