P.E.P for Week of August 2- August 6, 2010

Happy Friday everyone!! Hope you week was ok.

First off, let me remind you about entering in the Voting contest. It is your chance to win a $25 gift card to Amazon.

Here is the best reads of the week. Hope you enjoy.

How to Combine Finances For Couples- this is not easy. It took my husband and I a little while to find our groove. It is important though to take the time to figure this out. (@consumerismcommentary)

How to Live Life to The Fullest: A Step by Step Guide- don’t let things stand in your way. Create the life you want. (@mysuperchargedlife)

It’s Ok to Not Invest, It’s Not Ok to Not Save- it can take a while to get yourself established in your 20′s and investing might not be your immediate goal but don’t let that deter you from saving. It’s a big mistake. (@genywealth)

Top 10 Tools and Tactics to Trim Your Bills- great tips on how you can pocket a bit more change. (@lifehacker)

3 Ways To Save When Buying Wii Accessories- this might just help you for Christmas time. (@notmadeofmoney)

Tips to Save Money on Back to School Supplies- it is already getting to be that time of year. Crazy!! Here are some tips though on how to not break the bank. (@thegreenestdollar)

Treat Your Job As If You Won the Lottery- I know I have taken my own job forgranted. This article is a great reminder of how grateful we should be. (@financialsamurai)

The 10 Most Economical Sandwiches- I liked this post’s creativity. I love what some bloggers are able to think and write about. Great way to save on lunches too. (@lenpenzo)

The Family That Saves Together- I just hope that when I am a parent I can do as good of a job as Trent and his wife. You may underestimate what you kids can pick up even at a younger age. Give them a chance. They might just surprise you. (@thesimpledollar)

Do You Take Advantage of Rebates?- 5 things to remember and consider before you jump on a rebate. (@greenpandatreehouse)

8 Tips to Help You Save Money While on Vacation- vacations should be fun and unwinding, not stressful due to money worries. Try these tips out to ease the anxiety. (@familybalancesheet)

7 Ways to Start Planning Financially for Christmas Now- don’t let the holidays sneak up on you and cause panic. Be prepared and organized. (@notmadeofmoney)

Facing Debt Trouble? How I Dealt with Debt Stress- remember every little bit counts. (@thedigeratilife)

6 Items to Buy New Rather than Used-it’s not always about the deal. Be careful. (@moolanomy)

Happy reading and have a great weekend!!

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