P.E.P for Week of June 28-July 2, 2010

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all get a chance to enjoy the summer weather this weekend.

Here are the picks of the week.

Review: Voluntary Simplicity- How often do you question things in your life? Can you make adjustments? Very thought provoking post. (@thesimpledollar)

Two Financial Mistakes You Would Make Again- I especially like this quote “More memorable moments will happen again. It’s up to you to prioritize, but sometimes life’s events are too important to fret over the finances.” A great post on realizing some things are worth the money. (@thewisdomjournal)

21 First Date Ideas- I am no longer on the dating scene but this list would have been helpful when I was. @lifehack)

Askers, Guessers, and Personal Finance- I think I am still trying to figure out which one I default too. Great post on how to improve our interactions with others. (@thesimpledollar)

Personal Finance Haiku- thumbs up to this creativity. I might just need to post it on my fridge. (@learnsaveinvest)

Out with The Old, In with The New- a great principle to live by. (@budgetsaresexy)

How To Protect Yourself From Identity Theft- 47 super useful tips that we sometimes forget. (@genywealth)

9 Ways To Manage People That Bother You- I found this very helpful. I have had a few people that fit this category to deal with lately. (@lifehack)

The Zero Dollar Emergency Fund- wow did this one get me thinking. Should we have one, should we not? (@7million7years)

Eco-Friendly Tips For Summer Cleaning on a Budget- a 3 step plan that lets you declutter this summer on the frugal. (@canadianfinanceblog)

Isner vs. Mahut: The Greatest Match in Tennis History- 5 inspiring lessons learned from a simple tennis match.  (@financialsamurai)

Decluttering and Your Money- 5 solutions that can simplify your life and save you space. (@thesimpledollar)

What Does Frugal Living Mean To You?- don’t compare yourself. Everyone is different. (@wisebread)

The First Million Is the Hardest Million to Make- 2 key factors that will ensure your financial success. (@freemoneyfinance)

Driving With Just Your Big Toe- I have to try this. (@consumerismcommentary)

The Four Critical Financial Products Everyone Should Have In Their Estate Plan- this article was timely as we are just going through and putting together our own will. (@ownthedollar)

Financial Changes: Take Charge of Your Money- 7 questions to ask yourself to make sure you are in control of your finances. (@sweatingthebigstuff)

Are You Ready To Start Investing? Check these 4 areas to make sure you are ready to invest. (@thewisdomjournal)

Balancing Retirement with Short Term Goals- great post. We are going through this very assessment right now. (@wellheeledblog)

Prioritizing Financial Goals- remember to do what works best for you. (@greenpandatreehouse)

How To Create a CD Ladder- the best way to space out your savings over 12 months. (@frugaldad)

Paying For Packaging: It’s Time to Stop- be green when you go shopping (@wisebread)

Don’t Let Indecision Wreck Your Financial Goals- keep your emotions in check when it comes to your money. (@plantingdollars)

Learning About Locked In Retirement Account- Thanks Tom for outlining this clearly. It can get confusing. (@canadianfinanceblog)

Happy reading!

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