P.E.P for Week of July 5-July 9, 2010

I hope everyone has had a great week. **Don’t forget to check out our current Contests/Polls for your chance to win prizes! $20 at Amazon is currently up for grabs!**

Here are the picks of the week.

9 Tactics That Work For Starting Food Preparation At Home- my husband and I have followed these steps for a couple years now and we too can vouch for their success. (@thesimpledollar)

5 Investing Lessons From The World Cup- awesome post. My favourite one was that on defense. Makes total sense when it comes to finances.(@financialhighway)

20 Quick Tips For Better Time Management- I am sure like me, you too could use some tips on how to get the most out of your time. (@lifehack)

9 Thoughts On Personal Finance From America’s Founding Fathers- very interesting read. This was my favourite: In the general course of human nature, A power over a man’s subsistence amounts to a power over his will. 
- Alexander Hamilton (@thesimpledollar)
Debt Free By 30: Including the Mortgage- very inspiring story of a couple who even after graduating decided to continue living like a student. (@getrichslowly)
We Crave Certainty- why we need to over prepare. (@canadiandream: free at 45)
Ten Ways To Find Extra Money To Pay Off Credit Card Debt- I’ve done 1, 6, and 10 and yes they do help reel in some extra dough. Which ones will you try? (@ownthedollar)
How To Get Your Spouse On Your Financial Team- being newly married, I can attest to how important it is to be a team when it comes to finances. Things don’t work if you are opposing each other in decision making etc. (@consumerismcommentary)

A Frugal Fact: The 6 Most Valuable Grocery Items Known to Man- 100+ things you can do with 6 common items. Amazing!! (@lenpenzo)

Is Being Rich Important for Living the Ideal Life?- is money really the key to happiness? Here is one bloggers view. (@scotthyoung)

5 Steps Towards A Greener Kitchen- a great post broken down to specific details for going green. (@simplemom)

Bake Up A Vacation Plan- we are going to try this for our trip to Australia next year. We will see how we do. (@budgetsaresexy)

Are You Spending Intentionally?- great question. It is amazing how much my values influence what I spend money on. How about you? (@frugaldad)

Saving Should Not Feel Like A Diet- it’s true. Having your budget too tight is just asking it to fail. (@canadiandream:freeat45)

10 Ways To Get Kids To Save Money- 10 great ways to teach your kids how to not take money forgranted.  (@freemoneyfinance)

10 Ways To Protect Yourself From A Double Dip- I actually think these are just great life skills and should be done all the time. (@balancejunkie)

Making Your Time Less Money Dense- very good post. Got me thinking about what we spend our time on. (@thesimpledollar)

7 Ways To Stay Grounded by Staying Organized- we already practice these habits and they do make the rest of your day easier. (@lifehack)

Happy reading!

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