P.E.P for Week of July 26- July 30, 2010

Another month has come in gone in 2010. I don’t know about you but this year sure is flying by. 2011 planning is well underway in our house.

Here are the picks for the week. As always, I hope you find them helpful and entertaining.

Ten Big Mistakes #5: Worrying about what other’s think- I don’t know about you but i definitely came from the background where other people had influence and what they thought mattered. It very much framed the decisions I would make and how my childhood went. I am glad to report now thought that I no longer worry about someone else’s opinion; at least those with no importance in my life. (@thesimpledollar)

Home Renovation the Frugal Way- some great tips on how to update your house while not breaking the bank. (@ultimatemoneyblog)

3 Questions to Ask In A Spending Crisis- remember to take the time to pause before you buy and consider these three things. (@liverealnow)

How to Create Barriers to Your Savings- remember your savings require purpose, otherwise you won’t be diligent with them. (@wisebread)

Save Money At the Movies- make going to the movies an affordable activity, not one that costs and arm and a leg. (@digeratilife)

5 Life Altering Lessons I Learned From My Debt- an inspiring post which reflects true honesty of one’s self. (@liverealnow)

How to Talk Yourself Out of Buying or Spending-7 great questions to ask before you make that purchase. (@wellheeledblog)

Some Green Energy Tax Credits and Breaks to Consider for 2010- a great list of ways you can increase your refund and go green at the same time. (@greenpandatreehouse)

Get Poor Quick- A 10 Step Program- 10 things you can do to guarantee that you will owe money and never get to retire. A real eye opener to examine your own habits. (@genywealth)

6 Steps to Remove TV From Your Life- a breakdown of how to incorporate other activities in your life and get off of the tube. (@lifehack)

Two Mind Hacks to Lower Your Expenses- evaluate each expense before committing to it. It could have a huge impact on your future. (@freemoneyfinance)

What’s Keeping You From Climbing Kilimanjaro?- a great post on why we shouldn’t let distractions get in our way. (@unclutterer)

Coping Mechanisms for A Spender Saver Relationship- not all of us see the same point of view. Here are some tips on how to balance. (@wisebread)

Ten Big Mistakes #6- Children Have Huge Financial Ramifications- take the time to be prepared for children. Don’t rush it so you don’t resent it. (@thesimpledollar)

The Economics of Bicycling to Work- there are other benefits besides saving money. Try it out. (@freemoneyfinance)

How to Save Money on Amazon- some great reminders on why we should go to Amazon before we try shopping anywhere else. (@bargaineering)

Budget Once, Spend or (Save) Twice- the best way to ensure you can always cover your bills without difficulty. (@moolanomy)

10 Money Saving Home Repairs- sometimes you have to spend a little to save a lot. Here are some great tips on small house projects you can do that will save you cash in the long run. (@sweatingthebigstuff)

Ten Big Mistakes #7: Stuff Without The Time To Enjoy It- make sure that what you buy you will actually be able use and get your moneys worth. (@thesimpledollar)

Balancing Enjoying Your Money Now Vs Later- saving for retirement is good but remember that you may not have the health to do everything you want. Balance is what you need.  (@freemoneyfinance)

Investing In Retirement is Different than Investing For Retirement- a well written article on how to make sure we prepare ourselves properly. (@canadianfinanceblog)

Christmas 2010 On A Budget- Xmas will be here before we know it. Here is a way we can be prepared for gifts and not break our wallets. (@deliverawaydebt)

Wants That Morph Into Needs- a great article. Beware of those splurges. They won’t just be a one time cost. (@pfadvice)

5 Things You Should Not Cheap Out On- sometimes getting a deal isn’t always the best way to go. It might cost you more in the long run. (@moolanomy)

Happy reading and enjoy the hot summer weekend.

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