How Advertisers Part You and Your Money

In my Grandma Rie’s Money Camp this year, I started teaching the grand kids about selling – how to do it and how advertisers sell to us. On the how to sell side, we covered topics such as: Finding the right customers for your product or service. Getting to know what those right customers want and need. Showing the … … Continue reading

In the Market for a Condo? Go for the High-End

Condos are just like any other piece of real estate. On one end of the spectrum, you have the affordable developments that are aimed for lower to mid income level individuals looking to make their first home purchase. On the other side, you have luxury condos fit for the ultra rich, situated in cities where … … Continue reading

How to be Frugal on your Medical Bill

Say what? Frugal and medical bills don’t exactly belong in the same sentence these days due to the rising cost of drugs, lab tests, procedures and everything else medical related. So how can you be frugal enough to see (and feel) some savings on your medical bill? Let’s review a couple of options. Go Generic Just like … … Continue reading